What To Expect

You are booking a session with Vo Photography, and I'm looking forward to meeting you! Let's talk about what you can expect from the process.

Our Process

The process begins with a consultation to determine the nature and details of your session. We then provide you with a quote, and you select your package. You will begin working closely with our stylist to create your looks. The photography session will happen as scheduled, followed by retouching in the weeks after. A proofing session of your final collection will be arranged when your images are ready. Delivery of artwork can take up to two weeks following your proofing session.

Length of Session

Sessions are up to four hours in length. This includes 1-2 hours for hair and makeup artistry, and 1-2 hours for photography, hair & makeup changes, clothing & accessory changes, and background or location changes. It's best to clear your day completely for your session.

For changes of location, keep in mind that the more time we spend traveling, the less time we have for photography. Some locations are subject to a travel fee.

Hair & Makeup Artists

Our team is a selection of the most unique and talented, highest qualified professionals of their industry. Your experience under our service will be nothing less than perfection. Read about them HERE.

Retouching time

Retouching is my favorite part of the process. It is also the most time consuming. I hand-retouch every pore and never use presets, "filters", or blurring. With that in mind, it can take 2-4 weeks for me to complete retouching on your collection. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or parent. I do ask that you limit your entourage to one person maximum. It is my experience that the best images are taken without an audience.

Image Delivery

How your images are delivered will vary based on your package. Please refer to your package details.

Image Quantity

How many images are included in your collection will vary based on your package. Please refer to your package details.


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