Christine A. Eagleson

Art Director & Master Fashion Stylist

Christine is a creative director, fashion stylist, and visual artist. Notably recognized for creating dramatized luxury looks, polished sophistication, mixed with her passion for character flare. Highly sought after for special projects, Christine has over 20 years of industry experience.
Instagram: @xpressionista

Maria Camacho

Master Makeup Artist

Maria is a highly published and featured makeup artist, specializing in work for editorials, photography, special events, TV/film, and weddings. The driving force behind her work is a strong passion for beauty, art, creativity, and inspiring people.
Instagram: @camachobeauty

Mai Kacillas

Master Hair Stylist

Ambitious style leader in the hair industry, Mai has cultivated her career in technique and education with Redkin, Wella, Schwartzkoph, and Matrix. Highly published in local and national editorials, licensed in both hair and makeup esthetics, is the owner of Studio Mod. Mai has over 10 years of industry experience. 
Instagram: @maikacillas

Kirstin Forbes

Hair Stylist

A creative hair stylist, Kirstin is a highly active young professional residing at Studio Mod. Frequent stylist for editorial work, fashion shows, advertisements, wedding, and private clients. Kirstin is partner with Mai Kacillas in Artistry Entrepot’s Beauty Gallery, with over 8 years industry experience.
Instagram: @kirstin.forbes