Maternity Session FAQ's


When should I schedule my maternity session?


Feel free to contact me anytime during your pregnancy to secure your date. I like to schedule maternity sessions between the 32nd and 36th weeks, while you’re still feeling good and your belly is big enough to show in the pictures. But as long as you’re not too uncomfortable, it can be done right up to your due date.

Where will the session take place?


Sessions can be done in a couple of locations. My preferred location for Maternity is my studio. The next best thing is a hotel room or spa.


How long does the session take?

Maternity sessions are 45 minutes in length and allow for two outfit changes. 

What should I wear?


Our maternity sessions are Vogue-style and really focus on the beauty of your body. We recommend showing as much skin as you are comfortable with. Stretch marks, blemishes? Not in my studio! We retouch your images before you see them.

Your focus should be your accessories. Bold statement jewelry is best. You can get inexpensive pieces at Forever 21, or go to Banana Republic.  Local boutiques, such as Circular and Lulu E. Bebe, are my favorite!

What should I bring?


 I always encourage my clients to bring in little props i.e.: a blue or pink ribbon to tie around your waist, or a white sheet for draping. There are so many ways to get creative, so if you have anything you would like to incorporate, please bring it along!

Who will be included in the session?


Due to the intimate nature of our maternity portraits, we ask that you do not bring hubby or kiddos. Feel free to bring a friend; she can help you change or hand you things during your session.

What should I expect from a Maternity Session?





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